My name is Viktor Rodriguez
I'm currently a Fashion Institute Of Design And Merchandising student. ♥
Major :Fashion Design.♥
I live in Los Angeles ♥
I'm kind of a big deal ♥
I'm addicted to downloading things ♥
I tell it like it is......not how it should be.♥
I'm a Real housewives fanatic ♥
I'm here to share my thoughts about things
Michael Kors ♥
I work, I dance, I sing, I design, I sew, I love♥

I’m 22 years old - that’s almost 30, and I still haven’t accepted that this is my life. And I just wish that I could be dumb. And then I wouldn’t know better and I could be happy and stop hoping. Riding In Cars With Boys (via learningtolovemyself)

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